Announcing the Sales Ops Council (SOC)

Dear Sales Ops Solutions Community,

It is my great pleasure to announce that effective immediately Sales Ops Solutions, including the LinkedIn Group, will be fully managed and operated by the TRE3 Group, a leading consulting firm focused on sales and sales operations.

It was important to me that my successors are aligned with the SOS vision and that they are able to serve SOS customers in excellence, providing equal or greater value than I.  TRE3 Group (pronounced “tree group”) was a natural and obvious fit.

It has been my privilege to serve the SOS community.  I am leaving this group in good hands.


Michael Hanna

Below is a special message from the TRE3 Group:


“We are thrilled to be sponsoring the ‘Sales Ops Solutions’ group in LinkedIn,” states Eryc Branham, Founder and Managing Director of the TRE3 Group.

“Sales Ops is in the DNA of the TRE3 Group and we are committed to being a good curator to the existing community of sales ops professionals and invest in the group for the growth of the Sales Ops profession as a whole.”

In support of that commitment, the TRE3 Group is announcing a re-branding of the group to the ‘Sales Ops Council’ a.k.a. ‘SOC’.

“We wanted to create a clear, individual brand for the Sales Ops Council, separate from the consulting work that Michael and Sales Ops Solutions (now TRE3 Group) conducts for its members,” explains Mr. Branham.

“TRE3 Group will continue to provide Design services to help an organization build a new sales ops function or simply optimize an existing sales ops team with one of our Health Checks“, adds David Stott, Director of the TRE3 Group’s Sales Ops practice. “We encourage SOC members to visit to learn more about how we help our clients build world-class sales ops teams.”

TRE3 Group is also announcing a new “Sales Ops Council’ blog, featuring articles from the leading sales ops experts.

“Michael has built a great audience for his Sales Ops Solutions blog and we wanted to build on that and tie to the Sales Ops Council as well,” notes Mr. Branham. “If SOC members are interested in contributing articles as guest authors, let us know!”

The SOC blog can be found at

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