“Weighted BANT”: A Simple Lead Qualification Methodology

If you have any experience in Lead Generation, then you are familiar with “BANT”. Budget, Authority, Need and Time frame are commonly used criteria for qualifying leads. If all four criteria are confirmed, then the lead is considered “qualified” and it enters the sales pipeline.

The Common Challenge:
Here’s the challenge that many companies will admit: “If I hold to all four criteria, then I will not qualify enough leads. But if I remove any one criterion, then I will qualify too many leads. Either way, I can’t win!” Yes, you can win. There is another way…

The Simple Solution:

The following lead qualification methodology is easy to deploy and can be quickly configured in most SFA or CRM systems.  I call it the “Weighted BANT” methodology:

Apply a weighting to each of the BANT criteria (0, 1, 2, 3 or 4) and define each weighting. Below is a sample set of definitions for Authority:

0 = Has no authority and has no access to the decision maker(s).
1 = Has no authority, but has direct access to the decision maker(s).
2 = Has influence and has access to the decision maker(s).
3 = Is one of several decision makers.
4 = Has complete authority as the sole decision maker.

Define a similar scale for Budget, Authority, Need and Time frame.

Now qualify your leads based on the sum of all four scores. For example:

0-4 = Unqualified (don’t waste your time).
5-8 = Slightly Qualified (nurture it).
9-12 = Qualified (follow-up).
13-16 = Highly Qualified (follow-up immediately).

The “Weighted BANT” methodology provides enough flexibility to customize for your sales organization and enough simplicity to deploy and train quickly and easily.

If you choose to adopt this methodology, please share your results with me.



6 Responses to “Weighted BANT”: A Simple Lead Qualification Methodology

  1. I love this as an updated version of the timeless BANT for the 21st century. It brings more rigor and objectivity to what traditionally was a more subjective qualification process.

  2. Denny Head says:

    Good approach to quantify the basic BANT criteria. I have been a big fan of the Sirius lead waterfall methodology particularly for higher end complex sale type leads. this is a new spin on the traditional BANT I like it. Thanks

    Denny Head

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  4. Chris Snell says:

    That’s a good lead scoring plan you’ve got there. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Thor Johnson says:

    This delightfully simple Weighted BANT is easy to understand, easy to think about, and easy to implement. And after all the horrendously complicated lead scoring I have seen recently, this is probably just as effective.

    I like it. Thanks.

    Thor Johnson
    Team Thor Marketing

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